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The feed in Instagram! | Новости в Instagram!
EN: For us not to worry about feed, we decided to post everything in Instagram... Anayway you are there too. Btw you can find us @diclinerockstudio

RU: Чтобы не париться, мы решили постить все новости в инсте... Все равно все там сидят. Кстати Вы можете найти нас там и подписаться — @diclinerockstudio
The projects that we work on.
The slowest you are... The farthest you get. Yes. We are slow. But we want to achieve good quality!
(14+) EN
Paladin 91
The music-video and short-film in the same time about the paladin 91 and demons that he must fight to save the life.
(18+) RU
The movie about another barbarian with the panther pants and his team. Let's go!
Our Crew
Well... Someone should do that nasty things :D
Oleg Karasev
The creator with almighty power! Music, Writing, CG creator, Web-design, Concept Art
Vladislav Karasev
Ultra mega super music composer, Poetry, Writing, Cinematography, Photography, Post-production
Denis Karasev
Voice acting, Concept art
Andrey Lavrinenko
Cinematography, Photography
Daria Chufistova
Best Actress Ever, Voice acting
Alana Pliieva
Actress, Voice acting
Vladislav Simogustin
Cinematography, Photography
Contact Us
If You have any ideas to work it out with us, let us know. But mostly we say: "Well... We don't have time for stupid jokes... For stupid nothing..."

P. S. Just kidding... :D
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